Department of Foreign Relations

The KRG established the Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) in September 2006 to conduct relations with the international community. Today, the DFR is an integral part of the government, with a wide ranging portfolio of responsibilities. The KRG also has several representative offices worldwide.

The KRG Department of Foreign Relations is mandated to promote the interests of the Kurdistan Region and its people in regard to relations with the international community and in accordance with the Region’s legislation and the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq.

The key responsibilities of the department include:

  • Strengthening bilateral relations with the international community
  • Promoting trade, investment, tourism and institutional ties
  • Supervising the KRG’s offices overseas
  • Liaising with the diplomatic community in the Kurdistan region
  • Organizing the visits of political and economic delegations to the Kurdistan Region
  • Coordinating and organizing KRG relations with the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Iraqi embassies abroad
  • Conducting and supporting activities that enhance the image of the Kurdistan region
  • Communicating between official KRG institutions and the international community
  • Providing legal and authentication services to the people of the region and its citizens abroad


The key objectives of the department are:

  • Promoting and protecting the interests of the Kurdistan Region and its citizens abroad
  • Encouraging meaningful political and economic relations with the international community, especially  with neighboring countries, in the interest of promoting peace, stability and economic development
  • Providing efficient and effective consular and legal services to the people of the Region

The DFR provides assistance for KRG ministries and other officials in the region regarding efforts involving the international community, and it also works closely with the business community, representatives of civil society, and with many academic institutions both in the Region and abroad.

The DFR is organised and operates in accordance with KRG’s Executive Order no. 143.
KRG coordinates activities outside of the Kurdistan Region through its 14 representative offices worldwide, which can be found by clicking here.