The following general information is provided to assist families with their initial decisions following the death of a loved one, for repatriation service (to transfer the Janazah/body) to the Kurdistan Region or Iraq. The cost of this process varies from city to city in the US and Canada. The funeral home will be able to give families exact costs. Here is the process, step-by-step:

1) In case of a deceased person of Muslim faith, consult with an Imam of your local mosque and find out which funeral home they work with or recommend. The funeral home will handle everything for you in terms of transporting the Janazah and processing the paperwork.

2) Obtain two US/Canadian death certificates issued by the local authorities

3) Now you need to obtain an Iraqi Death Certificate by following these steps, in the order listed:

A) Get your original US/Canadian death certificate authenticated by the office of the Secretary of State of your State (not Federal), where the death occurred. It is faster to drive to your state’s capital for a walk-in process (click here to find your State’s Secretary of State office location and contact information).

B) Fully complete the Iraqi Death Certificate Form (the application is available in the Arabic language only).

C) Find the nearest Iraqi Consulate. In the United States, they are located in Washington, DC; Detroit, MI; and Los Angeles, CA. In Canada, they are located in Ottawa and Montreal, Quebec.

D) Mail via express post or visit the nearest Iraqi Consulate. Include the following documents:

- Copies of Iraqi Identity Cards (Ahwal Madaneeya) and Iraqi Nationality Certificate (Shahadat Al Jinsya) of the deceased.

-The already authenticated US/Canadian death certificate

 E) Ask the funeral home to find an airline that is capable of transporting or repatriating Janazah to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Export usually takes place via the cargo airlines to Iraq: Iraqi Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirati Airlines, and Royal Air Jordanian. Other airlines may also be offering such services.


-If your plans are to drive to the nearest Iraqi Consulate, please call them ahead of time to make sure they are open and ask them if they need the death certificate to be authenticated by the Federal (Washington, DC) Secretary of State as well.

-The Iraqi Consulates will be only dealing with the following mailing carriers: USPS (priority or express), UPS, and FedEx. If you are close to the Iraqi Consulate, you may drive there. Walk-ins are welcome, and the process is usually much faster. For Consulate websites CLICK HERE…

-No fees are charged for this service if the application is submitted no later than 45 days from the date of death.

- Iraqi airports with customs clearance for international repatriations include Baghdad, Basra, Erbil, and Sulaimaniyah.

-This process usually takes about 10-14 days to complete, not including long holidays.

For more information, please visit the Iraqi Consulate’s website in Washington, DC: http://www.iraqiembassy.us/page/iraqi-death-certificate

Please let us know if you need any additional help. You may reach our director of policy and advocacy, Mr. Karwan Zebari at (+1) 202.821.1860 or email karwan.zebari@gov.krd