Kurdistan Memory Programme

From personal stories, including those who survived terrible persecution under the era of Saddam Hussein and those suffering the cruelties of ISIS, emerge universal human truths and emotions. These stories reveal a dramatic and heroic story of the people of Kurdistan.

National tragedy has changed life in Kurdistan irrevocably, defining the history of the region. Cycles of genocide in Iraq have visited tragedy after tragedy on its people, from the victims of the Anfal campaign, the chemical bombardment of Halabja, and the disappearance of the Barzani men, to the recent horrors of the genocide of Yezidis, Christians, and others by ISIS.

The Kurdistan Memory Programme is preserving this heritage by producing a world-class, digital multimedia record, so that the world can more deeply understand how their lives have been shaped by the events of the past.

In addition to documenting the stories of genocide, the KMP collects eyewitness accounts from some of Kurdistan's most significant modern events, to establish an accessible filmed record, in both Kurdish and English, that will be freely available to all online. The KMP brings together an experienced international team of media professionals and researchers from Iraqi Kurdistan, the UK, Europe and the USA.

Over the past years, the KMP has created the world’s largest bilingual film resource on Anfal and Kurdish history; employed researchers throughout Kurdistan and the diaspora; conducted over 1,000 interviews; edited and produced over 400 video testimonies; and accumulated a unique video archive containing over 30 years of Kurdish historical footage.

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