Visa information

The KRG Representation in the US issues visa clearance for travel within the Kurdistan Region ONLY. Visas for travel to the rest of Iraq may be obtained through the Embassy of Iraq. 

Travelers presenting valid passports of the following countries will be granted a visa valid for 30 days upon arrival in the Kurdistan Region and DO NOT require prior clearance:


•  United States •  Denmark •  Ireland •  Portugal
•  Canada •  United Arab Emirates •  Italy •  Qatar
•  Australia •  Estonia •  Japan •  Romania
•  Austria •  Finland •  Kuwait •  Slovakia
•  Belgium •  France •  Latvia •  Slovenia
•  Brazil •  Germany •  Luxembourg •  South Korea
•  Bulgaria •  Greece •  Malta •  Spain
•  Croatia •  The Netherlands •  New Zealand •  Sweden
•  Cyprus •  Hungary •  Norway •  Turkey
•  Czech Republic •  Iran •  Poland •  United Kingdom


Travelers holding passports from other countries may require prior visa clearance and should inquire with Barzan Ardalan (202-821-1850 or 

For those travelers requiring visa clearance

Complete application form

Email scanned application AND scanned passport identification page to with subject line 'Visa application: [YOUR NAME]'

Your visa request will be sent to the KRG Ministry of Interior (MOI) via KRG Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) for processing. Once processed, we will inform you via telephone or email address provided.

Please allow one month from the date of your application submission for processing.

A visa will not be stamped in your passport prior to your departure. At your arrival point of entry, the officers will have all of your information and a visa will be granted on-site.

All travelers are recommended to obtain a visa clearance letter from the KRG Representation in Washington, in case you are asked to to present proof of visa clearance by airlines. To obtain a visa clearance letter, email a scan of your passport information page to with the subject 'Visa clearance letter: [YOUR NAME]'.

For regulations on visa requirements for INGOs, companies, etc., please click here.

Business travelers may direct questions to Tara Hamawandi (202-821-1853 or