Monday 26 February 2024

Meetings with Secretary Blinkin and State Department Officials

Washington, D.C. ( — As his first official visit to the United States since taking office as the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Prime Minister Barzani thanked Secretary Blinken for his invitation to meet in Washington. Secretary Blinkin began the meeting reiterating the United States commitment to the Kurdistan Region as a key strategic ally, highlighting the foundations of shared values, mutual interests, and collective sacrifices. He expressed support for the Kurdistan Region's role in maintaining security, peace, and stability within Iraq's federal structure.

Prime Minister Barzani thanked the U.S. government's ongoing support and reiterated the Kurdistan Region's role as a steadfast U.S. partner, having jointly faced numerous challenges. The talks covered a range of topics, including greater protections for the Kurdistan Region, resolving budget disputes between Erbil and Baghdad, upholding the financial and constitutional rights of the people in the Kurdistan Region, respecting the federal system, protecting minority rights, resuming Kurdistan Region oil exports, implementing the Sinjar Agreement.

Both parties voiced concern over decisions and actions taken by the Iraqi Federal Court against the Kurdistan Region. They stressed the importance of respecting the Kurdistan Region's constitutional framework, Iraq's federal structure, and democratic principles. Ensuring a fair allocation of the Kurdistan Region's budget share was also a key topic. Both parties committed to ongoing collaboration towards common objectives, striving to ensure regional stability.