Friday 5 August 2022

KRG hosts reception in honor of Kurdistan's peshmerga forces and partnership with America

Washington, DC, USA ( – The heroism and valor of the peshmerga and the enduring Kurdistan-US strategic partnership were celebrated at a reception on August 4, 2022, hosted by the KRG Representation in Washington and the US Kurdistan Business Council (USKBC).

The reception, held at Washington's Willard Hotel, was a salute to Kurdistan Region's peshmerga forces, who have since 2014 fought bravely against ISIS terrorists, with the support of the United States and the US-led Coalition. The event also recognized the bravery of Iraqi security forces and the increasing coordination between the Iraqi army and the peshmerga.

The reception was hosted during the visit of a peshmerga and security delegation to Washington, led by Shoresh Ismail, Minister of Peshmerga Affairs. 

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, the KRG Representative to the United States, and David Tafuri, President of the USKBC, delivered opening remarks to welcome the guests, who included US government officials, academics, business executives, diplomats, and members of the Kurdish-American community. 

Minister Ismail, Dana Stroul, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East, and Iraqi Chargé D'Affaires Salwan Sinjaree also delivered remarks.

Ms. Stroul said, 'It is an honor to be with you all tonight representing the Department of Defense as we recognize the Iraqi Kurdistan Region's peshmerga. The Iraqi Kurdistan Region's peshmerga forces, the partnership between our armed forces and indeed our two people, is both longstanding and essential. For decades, the US military has worked closely with the peshmerga in support of the security and stability of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the broader Middle East. The importance and the longevity of this partnership are based on a shared commitment to security achievements for both of our people, for the Middle East, for the dignity of humanity.'

Minister Ismail said. 'Thank you, Ms. Dana Stroul, for your kind words and your message. We agree with you. We have a strategic partnership together. The peshmerga, the Iraqi army, the United States, and the Coalition – together, we defeated Daesh, and we ended their fake Caliphate. At the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs, we see every day why this partnership is so important. The fight against Daesh is not finished. With the advice of American and Coalition forces, we are able to keep fighting against Daesh terrorists to prevent them from coming back and creating terror again, and with the help of American and multinational advisers, we are making reforms at our ministry. " 

Mr. Sinjaree praised the role of the Iraqi security forces, peshmerga, and Coalition in the defeat of Daesh. He called for greater coordination between the peshmerga and the Iraqi military. 

Representative Abdul Rahman, in her speech, noted that in August 2014, Daesh was committing genocide against Kurds, Turkmen, Arabs, Christians, and especially the Yazidis. She thanked the people, Congress, military, and government of America, especially the Department of Defense, for supporting the peshmerga so that Kurdistan could remain stable and provide a home to those fleeing Daesh. She said the KRG is working on widening the relationship with the United States to include broader economic and cultural ties.

Mr. Tafuri also praised the peshmerga and US forces and noted that the solution to many of Iraq's problems and tensions lies in the Iraqi constitution. He welcomed the strategic partnership between the United States and the Kurdistan Region.

The reception was held during the visit of the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs and representatives of the Kurdistan Region Presidency and Security Council to Washington, DC.