Monday 1 August 2022

Kurdistan Region peshmerga and security delegation arrives in Washington

Washington, DC, USA ( – A Kurdistan Region peshmerga and security delegation led by Minister Shoresh Ismail has arrived in Washington DC. The delegation was welcomed to the Kurdistan Regional Government Representation by KRG Envoy Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman and the staff of the Mission on Monday, August 1.

The delegation consists of Minister Ismail and senior officials from the Kurdistan Region Presidency, the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs, and the Kurdistan Region Security Council.

Minister Ismail and the delegation will meet with American officials in the US government and Congress to discuss the US Kurdistan strategic partnership within the context of the US Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement.

They will discuss the continuing threat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the implementation of the peshmerga reform program. The United States has provided training and equipment to the peshmerga forces and is advising the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs on its strategy to modernize and unify the forces.

Representative Abdul Rahman, who will accompany the delegation in meetings this week, said, ‘We warmly welcome Minister Ismail and the delegation. Kurdistan and the United States have shared interests in maintaining a stable and secure Kurdistan Region and a sovereign, peaceful and prosperous Iraq. We look forward to a week of productive and friendly meetings with American officials.’