Monday 20 March 2023

KRG envoy thanks Mayor of Nashville for Newroz proclamation

Washington DC, USA ( – The KRG Representative to the United States, Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, participated in a ceremony on March 20, 2023, in which the Mayor of Nashville, John Cooper, declared Newroz a holiday for Kurdish-Americans in the city.

The KRG envoy joined Mayor Cooper, Taaber Taabur, President of the Tennessee Kurdish Community Council, and other city and community representatives in welcoming the move by Nashville’s city council to proclaim Newroz as a new year holiday for the 20,000 or so Kurdish residents of the city.

‘It was an honor to celebrate Newroz in Nashville with members of the Kurdish diaspora, city police officials, the Tennessee Kurdish Community Council and Mayor John Cooper as Newroz was recognized as a Kurdish holiday,’ said Ms. Abdul Rahman. In her speech at the ceremony, the Representative said that Newroz symbolizes new beginnings, hope and the victory of good over evil. She outlined the Newroz legend of Kawa the Blacksmith who is said to have slain a tyrant in ancient times.

Newroz is a Kurdish holiday that marks the beginning of spring. It is a time for celebration and renewal, and it is a time to remember the Kurdish people’s long history of struggle and resistance. It is celebrated in 12 countries including Iran and Afghanistan.

‘Our Kurdish neighbors foster a love for community – part of what makes Nashville so great,’ said Mayor Cooper. ‘It was an honor to celebrate with each of you.’