Tuesday 14 February 2023

KRG delegation participates in annual faith-oriented  conferences in Washington


Washington DC, USA (us.gov.krd) – The Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to the United States,  Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, along with a delegation from the Kurdistan Region Presidency and Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs, participated in the annual International Religious Freedom (IRF) Summit and National Prayer Breakfast in early February.

The IRF Summit, held on January 31 and February 1, and the Prayer Breakfast held on February 2 in Washington DC, provided an opportunity for Ms. Abdul Rahman and the visiting delegation to meet like-minded friends from the United States and around the world who share the same resolve to protect and promote religious freedom. 

Members of the Kurdistani delegation participated in a panel discussion at the IRF Summit where they outlined challenges and how they had been overcome in the Kurdistan Region.

The KRG Representative also participated in the National Prayer Breakfast, which has been held annually since 1953, and was  attended by 1,500 people this year from across America and around the world. The gathering is hosted by members of Congress and addressed by the US President, with a focus on fellowship, prayer and brotherhood. The KRG has participated in the event for several years.